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 I used to experiment with all kinds of papers and liquids to achieve the tone and the softness in the images I liked so much.  Now that I´m taking images on my large format camera (8X10") and making platinum/palladium contact prints as well as working with the fascinating Bromoil process,  I feel equipped to produce images the way I prefer.

I care very much about the workmanship in my work, that is why I always process my film and hand print the image  myself.   I enjoy spending long hours in the darkroom, it is my meditation.  I let my imagination run free and sometimes the images come out compleatly  different to my expectations,which for me, keeps the photography process fresh and exciting.

I prefer to deal with each project as it comes, let things happen, trust my insight and then take it from there.  It is a great feeling when I believe that I´ve managed to capture an  image in a way that depicts the atmosphere I experienced while taking the shot.

My images are not necessarily meant to reflect stark reality, but to show what I feel each time I take them.  It´s not easily explained but one must decide whether they are a part of a fairytale, memories, dreams or simply a self reflection.

It is my wish that my work brings forward positive emotions.

Jóna Þorvaldsdóttir



From the Photographer
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