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Bromoil image from 35mm negative
The Heart of Reykjavik


Grjótaþorp is the oldest part of Reykjavik.  The idea is to capture the atmosphere, the people and the houses.  The bromoil process brings out the uniqueness of this old neighbourhood.


At the turn of the 20h century, pictorialism reigned supreme and the Bromoil and transfer processes were the most highly acclaimed means of expression by the leading pictorial photographers in North America and Europe.  It was considered the most beautiful form of artistic expression.  

A Bromoil print is one in which the original black and white silver image is bleached out and replaced with a stiff litho type oil pigment.  The ink is stippled onto the damp gelatin surface with special stagfoot shaped brushes, creating a beautiful etching like quality.  During the inking up stage, the photographer has the artistic control to alter tonal values to enhance the print and create atmosphere and recession.

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